The weld – unseen and underappreciated?

Imagine what we would NOT have today if not for electric welding.

electric weldingIn the 1860s an Englishman named Wilde successfully used the earlier theories of Volta and Davy and the primitive electric sources of the time to make “Joins” and received a patent for the earliest form of the art now known as “electric welding”.

Edmund Davy of England is credited with the discovery of acetylene in 1836. The production of an arc between two carbon electrodes using a battery is credited to Sir Humphry Davy in 1800. In the mid-nineteenth century, the electric generator was invented and arc lighting became popular. During the late 1800s, gas welding and cutting was developed. Arc welding with the carbon arc and metal arc was developed and resistance welding became a practical joining process.

Imagine how the growth of the iron and steel industry was impacted by electric welding that is used for “joins” as well as cutting metals.

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